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  •  Retail
  •  Amsterdam, NL
  •  60% male / 40% female
  • Avg. age 31 years
  •  Employees: 600 EU / 150 NL
  •  Active in 10 countries

Working at Ace & Tate

Founded in 2013, Ace & Tate is an eyewear brand from Amsterdam, offering thoughtfully-designed frames at transparent prices, from €100 including prescription lenses, and €300 for varifocal. Ace & Tate celebrates bold views by collaborating with and supporting creative, forward-thinking individuals. Through responsible and conscious actions, the brand is on a mission to become an engine for positive change in the industry.

What we stand for —

BOLD VIEWS: We collaborate and support creative individuals who inspire us and our audience.

RESPONSIBLE ACTIONS: We're working towards becoming an engine for positive change in our industry.

NICE EYEWEAR: We want to change the way people experience eyewear, and use our product as a tool to encourage self-expression.

Our working environment

Our office is located in Amsterdam, near Amstel Station. It's a very open, light and creative space with a special "social space" where we hang-out to play ping-pong and have lunch together and we have a rooftop terrace for the sunny afternoons. We are an international brand and operate in 10 countries. Our first language at the office is English and we have a team with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. We like to say we welcome everybody, except assholes ;).

Do you see yourself working with us?

We offer a variety of internships in different departments like Business Intelligence, Design, Finance, Marketing, Recruitment/HR, Retail Expansion or - Operations, Supply Chain and Tech. As an intern at Ace & Tate you receive guidance from talented team members but also get the chance to really contribute and make a difference. It regularly happens that interns get the chance to stay working for us or come back after their graduation in an entry level job. 

When you're looking for a job next to your study or when you're recently graduated, a position in one of our stores or in our Customer Experience team can be a great learning experience. Head over to our jobs page for a complete overview of current vacancies!

What we offer

  • 40-urige werkweek
  • Bedrijfsfeesten
  • Bedrijfsuitjes
  • Bereikbaar met openbaar vervoer
  • Betaald vaderschapsverlof
  • Betaald zwangerschapsverlof
  • Buitenland kansen
  • Coaching
  • Deeltijd werken
  • Diversiteitsbeleid
  • Duurzaamheidsbeleid
  • Eigen werkplek
  • Etnisch divers werknemersbestand
  • Evenwichtige man-vrouw balans
  • Flexibele werkplekken
  • Flexibele werktijden
  • Game rooms
  • Geen dresscode
  • Gezonde snacks
  • Gratis drinken
  • Gratis fruit
  • Gratis lunch of snacks
  • In de stad gesitueerd
  • Inspirerende vergaderplekken
  • Laptop van de zaak
  • Ondernemingsraad
  • Papierloos werken
  • Pensioenregeling
  • Personeelskorting
  • Reiskosten: OV-vergoeding
  • Reiskosten; kilometervergoeding (auto)
  • Sociale activiteiten
  • Stages
  • Thuiswerken
  • Training
  • Verse bonenkoffie
  • Voertaal Engels
  • Vrijdagmiddagborrel
  • Vrouwen in management & directie

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